Isei Tokovu VS Kelly Slater

Well, Isei did his best.  He caught one of the best waves of the heat, but unfortunately couldn’t make it out of the barrel, and Kelly Slater walked away with yet another heat win.  Tough to beat the 12 time world champion.

Isei will still collect $1,000 for winning the wildcard spot, which he told me would go entirely to his young sons education.  Isei comes from absolutely nothing in a remote village, and insists that every dollar he earns after meeting bare need’s (food and shelter) is saved in order to give his son something to use to create a good job and life for himself.

It’s an honor to have such a good friend and surfer representing Hungry Walrus in the 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro at Tavarua.

Surf Photo: Scott Winer

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  1. 92037 says:

    Isei is in a class by himself! Kelly had a worthy competitor. Best to Isei and his family. Kudos to Hungry Walrus for supporting Isei!

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