Good Friends In Good Places

As you may have read in a previous post, a few months ago I had 2 new surfboards stolen from the living room while I was asleep, my first night in Tahiti. Put word out to some great friends who live in the Teahupoo valley, as well as with some of the oldest families in the area, and sure enough, 4 months after my boards were ripped off, my awesome Italian friend Eugenio Barcelloni and my roots Tahitian friend “Rambo” got them back!

I’m in La Jolla now, but just got this message from Eugenio about how it went down…

Hi John, I have some big news for you!

I was surfing small Teahupoo by myself, then a Tahitian came out. He looked sketchy and was on a good Rusty that I was sure was yours. After talking nicely with him, he told me where he lived. When I got out of the water I described the guy to Rambo, and we went over to the house. The guy was there with both of your boards! We’ll hold on to them for you when you come back! I’m Stoked,


Eugenio getting shacked at Chopes.

Have some great friends! Check out Eugenio’s blog – Walking The Waves. He’s one of the nicest and funniest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of becoming friends with, and happens to be the best Italian surfer in the world. He’s currently making a high-quality surf/travel movie that should be released soon, and his mother’s Marina Colonna plantation in southern Italy produces the most desired olive oil available.

Eugenio’s trailer.

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  1. case says:

    Stoked Johnny!!!!

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