Chris O’Rourke – Child Of The Storm

Grew up at WindanSea with good friend Timmy O’Rourke, Chris’s son. Chris was one of the most legendary surfers of all time. He, along with Butch Van Artsdalen (original Pipeline Master who paved the way a generation before Chris, also from WindanSea), were leaders in progressive and hard-charging surfing.

Child of the Storm was recently released, looking forward to reading it this weekend. Surfline has already posted a well written Child Of The Storm book review:

In Child of the Storm, Kirk Lee Aeder tells the story of WindanSea legend Chris O’Rourke, one of the most ferociously passionate and competitive surfers of all time and, according to ’70s Hawaiian demigod Gerry Lopez, “the best surfer from California that I have ever seen.” – Surfline excerpt.

Let you know how I thought it read, and what Timmy thought about his fathers published story in an upcoming post.  Sure the book’s accurate because I understand that the author, Kirk Lee Aeder, was with Chris throughout much of his life.

Stoked if you get a copy and let us know what you think.

Photos: Courtesy Kirk Lee Aeder.

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  1. scott boaz says:

    love the last shot of chris at simmons. i was sitting next to kirk when he snapped it. we were on the lawn of the house next to rosemans. i had a broken leg at the time,1977 or so. i remember he backdoored that wave and was about to go into a tuck and thought better of it and never did…pure ’70s style! this about the time we broke down and started using cords. john, great seeing clark again!

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