Epic Raw Cloudbreak

Raw Cloudbreak footage shot from the channel during the super session that went down last week.

Funny how everyone is calling it “the best it’s ever been, or ever gets.” Truthfully, it’s not uncommon to score huge, perfect, Cloudbreak a handful of times a year. The reason it’s been dubbed “all time greatest ever” twice over the past couple years, is because the reef is now open for everyone to capture footage for the world to see.

Been lucky enough to work as a boatman on Tavarua for 16 years. It gets big and perfect between April and October, and even when it’s not massive, there are lot’s of perfect eight-foot swells to overdose on.

It’s cool that the reef is now open for everyone to enjoy, push each others limits, and post the footage for the world to see. I recommend going to Tavarua or Namotu whenever you have a chance. They are two very special places.

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