EA Quad – Futures Fins

Futures EA Quad fins are all about power and performance. If you’re unsure of which quad fin’s to get, I suggest these to everyone due to their versatility.

EA Quads work great in all kinds of different surfboards, from little fishes to guns, and in a variety of conditions, from one-foot beach breaks to Mavericks.  They cover the bases.

John Maher riding EA’s

All four fins are single foil (flat inside and slight curve outside on all four fins) and have wide bases and tips, keeping them solid and consistent on rail and in the barrel.

Recommend getting EA Quads in fiberglass, because I feel they ride better than the ultra-light composites, especially in wind-chop and solid surf.

John Maher

An alternative to the EA Quads are the Futures Stretch Quads, which ride similarly to the EA’s even though they’re double foil (all four fins have curved in and outsides, generally designed to work best in bigger boards and surf).

The FCS alternative to the EA Quad is the SF4 PC Quad.

You can find them at your local core surf shop, and if you’re in San Diego, recommend going to Mitch’s.

Photos by: Michael Sangiolo, Peter Isherwood

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