Forgotten Pacasmayo Peru Photos

Was going through an old hard-drive and came upon a handful of photos that were never posted from a trip to Peru last year. Figure that over the next couple months the travel blog will most likely consist of this summers lifeguard stories (I’m in La Jolla for a couple months), so it’s an appropriate time to post the shots. I’ll probably loose them again if I don’t post them now anyway.

This policeman was one of the nicest guys I met in Peru. Pacasmayo is sketchy at times, so it’s good to have him on your side. My friend Wills was hogtied for six or more hours while gangsters threatened his life with automatic machine guns.  They rushed him in his sleep at night and stole what little he had. Unfortunately, his dogs were killed, and Wills had to leave the country before his job teaching English to underprivileged kids was finished.

The town of Pacasmayo is dusty and poor. There are very few resources aside from fishing and making bricks in the region, so income is scarce and education is suffering because of it.  Not sure what the factory in the background produces, maybe oil.

Some of the fishing boats are pretty rustic. There’s a very small fish market open every morning when the fishermen come in with their catch. The civiche’s really good down there.

Dead are buried above ground in coffin-style condos in Pacasmayo. Never found out why, maybe space is limited or the ground isn’t good for digging.

There’s a short boardwalk that runs along the waterfront at Pacasmayo.  It stands out against the dilapidated town. Lot’s of old-timers sell ice cream in-between naps.

Ended up scoring absolutely perfect waves at Pacasmayo.  Hands-down the longest lefts of my life. I had a spiritual revelation after riding waves for over a minute long, all day, for over a week.  My legs would go out after about the 30th turn on each wave.  Amazing a place like this exists, and is still uncrowded.

When the surf got to big for Pacasmayo, a friend and I headed down the coast to Chicama to score some even longer waves!

For more on that trip to Peru, check the short Chicama post.

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  1. Will Sooter says:

    Good post John.
    Followed your Chicama post and was reminded of how much that wave charmed me. See you at Windansea or Blacks this summer. Cheers, Will PS. Your GF made the Chicama photos a worthwhile visit.

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