Hennessy Hammock Tents

Hammock tents are light, pack tight, keep you off the floor, and do a great job blocking bugs. Ideal tent for trekking.

After doing a bit of research and trying a couple different brands out, I found that Hennessy is making some of the highest quality hammock tents on the market.

Hennessy Hammocks have a size and weight for every purpose, and a complete line of specialty hammocks, including jungle hammocks, winter hammocks, and hammock accessories.

Hennessy Hammocks include attached mosquito netting, detachable rain fly, support ropes, stuff sack with set-up instructions on back, and “tree huggers” to protect the bark of trees used for suspension.

Benefits of using a Hennessy Hammock Tent:

– Quick and easy set-up and pack-up – 2 minutes.
– Reduced bulk and packweight means you travel faster and farther each day.
– Same comfortable bed every night over rocky, muddy, wet or sloping terrain.
– Never touches the ground. Stays clean and drys fast.
– Bugproof mosquito net for protection from malaria-carrying mosquitoes and leishmaniasis-bearing sand flies while sleeping in tropical and sub-tropical areas.
– Increased protection from sun, wind, rain, no-see-ums, sand flies, black flies, poisonous insects and small reptiles.

Straight forward video demonstration.

There are a couple downsides using a hammock tent:

Hammock tents much cooler than traditional tents because there’s no insulation underneath your body. It gets pretty cold just before dawn, even in the tropics. One solution is to pack a Hennessy Radiation Pad to lay on in the hammock which keeps some of your body heat.

The other obvious downside to using a hammock tent is sometimes there are very few trees, especially in desert areas like Baja, Mexico. You may be able to use truck bumpers for anchors though.

Recommend getting a hammock tent for your next trip, especially if you’re planning on camping in warm, lush areas, like the tropics.

Links to the most popular Hennessy Hammock tents at the lowest prices available online are found here on Amazon:

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