Slyde Handboards

Bodysurfing is one of the purest forms of wave riding. It’s a challenging and fun way to get in the water and improve your endurance, breath-holding, and wave judgement, while having the time of your life sliding down wave faces.

There are few feelings better than making a barrel bodysurfing, and Slyde Handboards give the rider a huge advantage, allowing you to power out of deep pit’s and even “doggydoor” closeout sections. Although you don’t need anything to bodysurf, a good handboard and set of fins really add to the experience and still keep your pack light and soulful.

There are a handful of good handboards on the market, but Slyde is making the best.

Handboards are also commonly referred to as hand-planes or hand-guns. The purpose of a handboard is to increase the surface area of your hand when body surfing, giving you higher lift out of the water, and increasing your speed along the face of the wave.

The crew at Slyde have come up with the ideal combination of rocker, concave, size, outline, weight, and materials. It’s so fun using the handboards solid plane to actually lift your body off the wave face and roll onto your back and shoulders in the barrel, while keeping enough speed to make it out.

Slyde Handboards are initially hand shaped and crafted by a team of professionals with years of experience, and the Slyde design team is continuously looking for ways to deliver cutting-edge performance to the boards. Slyde currently produces a durable series of wood, epoxy, and foam/fiberglass handboards.

Check out the various models here.

Slyde Handboards come with high-quality coiled bicep leash, and professional travel bag with strap, insulating the board from heat and protecting it from damage.

Deck of Slyde Handboards are slightly domed and have a sturdy, padded, adjustable strap. As you can see, the stingers and swallow tail are awesome.

The bottom of Slyde Handboards have concave, allowing the rider to press on the wave face to create lift and speed without pearling or plowing. The template is a great outline, and overall design is fantastic.

I’ve been bringing a Slyde to work and sharing it with all my co-workers who happen to be some of the best bodysurfers in the world. Everyone who’s tried it had a great time and are impressed by the functionality of it’s design.

Lifeguard Adam got shacked on the Slyde just before the photo was taken.

Highly recommend getting a Slyde Handboard to add to your bodysurf experience and tube-making ratio!

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  1. Ken Leiby says:

    Could you tell me who manufactures the handboards for Slyde? Are they made in the USA or imported. Would like to have my own designs made.

    Ken Leiby

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