Irons Brothers Leash – DaKine

DaKine Irons Brothers Leash is one of the best on the market. At 6′, 7′, or 8′ long, and 1/4″ thick, there’s an ideal size for surfing most conditions.

Throughout the years I’ve found that DaKine products are made with the highest quality materials and special attention to detail. DaKine Irons Brothers Leash is dependable, comfortable, and light.

I use a DaKine Irons Brothers Leash in surf anywhere from 2 to 10 feet, with boards ranging from 5′ fishes to 7’6″ pin-tails. The leash works insane with each board, and in a wide variety of surf conditions.

The double swivel keeps it from winding up, strap is narrow to easily fit under your wetsuit without bunching it up, and rail-saver Velcro strap connecting to the string/plug will prevent your leash from pulling through your tail during violent wipeouts.

At 1/4″ thick, the leash won’t recoil dangerously when your board get’s caught in the soup, but is thin enough to feel light while your paddling and driving down the line.

They come in 6′, 7′, and 8′ to accommodate your surfboard size.


Maximum strength urethane cord
Double swivels
Quick release 1 1/2″ cuff
Triple wrap rail saver
Key pocket in cuff


6′ x 1/4″ [ 1.83m x .625cm ]
7′ x 1/4″ [ 2.13m x .625cm ]
8′ x 1/4″ [ 2.44m x .625cm ]

Check out more leashes and DaKine’s other awesome products at DaKine online or at your local surf shop.

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