Instagraming As Of Late

First little south swell of the summer.

Owen Miller surfing WindanSea, taken with my iPhone.

The last few weeks have been good in the hood.  Lifeguarding’s been pretty mellow at WindanSea, considering the 4th of July was socked-in with dark clouds, and the surf has been smaller than average, although our crew’s still getting heavy calls and have been training like crazy to keep our game tight.  Responded to a women rolling around in the shorebreak with two broken ankles the other day (she jumped off a 15 foot rock into shallow water), and we’ve already made a handful of serious water rescues in rip currents around the reefs.

Huge congratulations to my good friends Rodger Eales, Paul Tagriello, Eric Care, Joe Malone, Mark Korch, and Daniel Hodel for bringing a dead man back to life after 8 minutes of CPR on the beach at Blacks a couple weeks ago. The logistics were hectic, being that the heart attack victim was dead at the base of the cliffs at the north end of the beach, stuck in-between the cliffs, ocean, and large rocks, preventing any sort of convenient access for advanced life-support teams. The helicopter was called to pick-up the victim and fly him to the hospital after he was brought back to life by lifeguards who took advantage of the automatic external defibrillator. The victim was able to have a conversation with his wife and children later that evening.

Rescue logistics at Blacks Beach are not easy.

Other than lifeguard work, the summers annual events have been in full swing. The WindanSea Surf Club put on a memorial surf contest, the original Big Rock locals put on a fun party showcasing tons of old-school surf photos, and I was put on jury duty for a huge federal case but excused after the first day in the courtroom.

WindanSea contest crew.

Marshal, original Big Rock local and host of the party.

Tim Graham, WindanSea Surf Club President at the Big Rock party.

3 generations of Big Rock locals – Rex Hufman, Randy Lind, and me.

Other than lifeguarding and the WindanSea events, I’ve been surf-coaching super grom phenom Tiare Thompson, cruising downtown to the park, bodysurfing the shorebreak, and hanging with family and friends.

The garden at Balboa Park is a great place to relax.

Sizing up surf conditions with Tiare Thompson.

Took all the photos with my iPhone, you may have already seen most of them on Instagram or Twitter if you follow HungryWalrus_.

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2 Responses to Instagraming As Of Late

  1. Mareta 'META' Zimmerman says:

    Is ‘WINDANSEA’? In La Jolla? I Have a Friend From There? We Live On Kauai..Her Ex Use To Be A ‘Life Guard’ There? Mitch McPeek! I’m From Venice, Cal….This LOOKS Nice!

    • John Maher says:

      Yeah META! WindanSea’s in La Jolla, and I’m good friends with Mitch’s daughter Natalie who moved here some years ago.. heard Nitch is a really cool guy, I took over where he left off Lifeguarding at WindanSea. Thanks for the awesome energy!

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