Boat Bog – Leak Fix Compound

If you own a boat, jet ski, kayak, or other vessel, check this product out.

Boat Bog is an emergency repair product designed to stop leaks fast. Boat Bog’s the most effective temporary leak fix on the market.

Video demonstration.

Highly recommend Boat Bog to anyone who owns watercraft. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and may not only save your vessel, but everything and everyone aboard.

Boat Bog’s made by the same company that makes Board Bog, a great temporary surfboard ding repair product.

Lifeguarding in San Diego, and working on boats in Tahiti and Tavarua throughout the year, I’m around many boating accidents where Boat Bog would prove to be a practical and effective temporary fix.

Contact Del Mar Surf Distribution in Southern California to get yours.

Don’t end up underwater!

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