Lele’s Pipeline Bomb

Known Leandro “Lele” Usuna and his brother Geronimo since we were little kids surfing WindanSea in La Jolla. Couple of the raddest humans on the planet, always charging at whatever they’re doing.

These day’s Lele’s traveling the world surfing competitions – he kills it. Geronimo’s now a pilot living in Argentina.

Ran into Lele at the beach yesterday and had a chance to ask him about the Pipeline bomb he packed last winter. It’s a miracle to catch a wave like his at Pipe, let alone ride it as well as he did.

The wave ended up getting praise during the 2012 “Wave of the Winter” competition, where the best waves caught throughout the season are picked out and judged by the best Pipeline surfers in the world. Reef McIntosh ended up winning with a crazy wave he caught right in front of me at Off The Wall, but Lele’s was in close contention and very well could have won.

Go Lele!!!

Video Courtesy: Nigel Davenport.

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