Gillo Custom Italian Glasses

Gillo’s are for rockstars, models, ballers, and those who really want high quality fashion, sun and prescription glasses.

They’re custom designed for both men and women.

Gillo’s are created by Italian architect Michele Ceribelli, a well known and respected artist, who decided to combine his innovative yacht, home, industrial, and graphic design skills to make one-of-a-kind glasses.

Found out about Gillo’s from an Italian surf friend of mine named Eugenio Barcelloni. I rocked his sunglasses for a while and was really impressed by their uniqueness, as well as the quality lenses and construction.

Gillo’s can be custom made for prescription and standard sun or eye glasses, and painted to suit your exact desires. They may also be purchased from a very limited inventory in Europe through Ceribelli’s website.

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