Tactical 3/2 Fullsuit – Matuse

The new Tactical 3/2 Fullsuit is roots, lo-pro, comfortable, light, flexible, and incredibly warm. It was designed by members of the Navy SEAL’s DEVGRU (Team Six). These guys are not only some of the baddest people on the planet – they also surf.

Compared to a standard Matuse Hoplite, the Tactical version is the first traditional 3/2 from Matuse. The Tactical 3/2 is my favorite back-zip fullsuit to use during the Southern Californian winter.

Growing up at a soulful spot in California, I’ve always liked thin, black, backzip fullsuits. Stoked Matuse and the SEAL team put the Tactical 3/2 on the market for us.

Check all the advanced and eco-friendly materials Matuse used to create the Tactical on their website Matuse.com.

Matuse Tactical 3/2 Fullsuit is a perfect under-the-radar California fullsuit.

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