Rusty 10’6 Outer Reef Gun

Just got back from the Rusty Surfboard Factory in San Diego. Love it out there. So good to rap-out with the awesome shapers and crew. Been riding for Rusty since I was eleven years-old, so have had the chance to develop long lasting friendships with everyone in there.

For decades, they’ve been on the cutting edge of design, putting out some of the best surfboards in the world.

So psyched on my new 10’6 gun. Got 5 Futures fin boxes, double laminated stringer, polyurethane blank, good weight, grab-rails, and a R. trademark beak. Rusty put a ton of research and time into it, like all of his boards. Really cool he set time aside to make such a monster.

It’s built for surfing outer reefs in Hawaii. Hope to catch the wave of my life on it. I better start training harder.

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