DaFiN Lifeguard and Bodysurf Fins

Some of the best swim fins in the world are made by DaFin: “The #1 choice for lifeguards, bodysurfers, and top watermen around the world.”

DaFin‘s were designed 10 years ago by an Australian lifeguard who moved to Hawaii. In Hawaii he got together with the best watermen in the world to design “the perfect swim fin.”

DaFin‘s are made with an ultra-comfortable foot pocket and a rigid blade with side rails for powerful bursts of speed and lasting acceleration that won’t tire your legs.

DaFin‘s are lightweight, float in the water, and are dependable.  I’ve found them to be some of the best fins for lifeguarding, bodysurfing, and kicking around the reefs with a mask. They’re all-around great swim fins.

DaFin‘s are the official swim fin of both the United States Lifesaving Association and the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association. Endorsed by some of the greatest watermen of all time, such as Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana, DaFiNs have been proven in some of the most critical situations and conditions on the planet.

It’s convenient that they can be worn on either foot, unlike many fins where there is a different right and left blade and pocket. DaFiNs can even be used upside-down, which makes them feel like they’re a size bigger if you’re borrowing a pair.

There’s no time to spare when making a rescue, so I appreciate the simplicity of DaFiN’s characteristics.

Unlike most of the other fins on the market, DaFin‘s float, making them easier to find when you lose them in the water.  The blades are just long enough to give you all the power you need to swim fast and deep, but short enough to run across the reef and sand.

Video of Mark Cunningham bodysurfing Pipeline with DaFin‘s.

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3 Responses to DaFiN Lifeguard and Bodysurf Fins

  1. Joel Farson says:

    I like Churchills for womping, and Duck Feet for snorkeling, but I’ll have to try DaFin!

  2. Peter Stuart says:

    Just got my pair in the mail.
    Very nice soft fit for rubber.
    I’m a solid size 10 and the m/l fit perfect.
    Can’t wait .

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