Leukoplast Standard Tape

Leukoplast Standard is a tan-colored zinc oxide tape for securing dressings. It’s both waterproof and dirt repellent, meaning it’s durable in wet and rough environments. The adhesive can be worn for extended periods without irritating the skin. It adheres reliably even under heavy strain, and features high tensile strength. Leukoplast is easy to tear and is permeable to both air and water vapor to prevent maceration.

Leukoplast sells a wide range of medical tape, but for the aquatic environment, Leukoplast Standard series is the best. The tape is made in Germany.

I never travel without Leukoplast, but always have to stock up on it when I’m overseas because it seems to be unavailable in the USA. If your skin is clean and dry, the tape will stay on for days.

Photo taken just after applying Leukoplast on a cold day. The stuff works best when applied after being warmed up, but still works great when applied in cold conditions.

Leukoplast is the ideal medical tape for reef cuts that you want to clean and patch real quick before you go back out surfing. You can put it on your toe cuts and tromp through the surf, sand, and dirt all day long.

The tape can act as a butterfly bandage, closing a wound that you couldn’t get stitches into if you were camping. It can also be form fitted it into craters that won’t heal, and the tape will help the crater finally close.

Photo of Leukoplast hanging tough on tricky knuckle area after eight hours in and out of the water.

If you buy the tape in a Third World country, you have to be aware of knockoff imitations. I have seen many illegitimate copies of the tape sold in places like Indonesia and Mexico; I bought it to see how it worked and was bummed on the results. Image below is of an Indonesian knockoff that didn’t work so great.

A roll costs about $10, and I recommend it to all traveling surfers and campers.

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