Joe Roper’s Dingtape

Joe Roper’s Dingtape is one of the best quick-fix ding-repair solutions on the market. It’s clear polyester marine-adhesive tape that stretches to form a durable and dependable watertight seal. Put it over your ding and get right back in the water.

Joe owns and operates the best ding-repair shop in California; who better to produce the ultimate quick-fix ding-repair solution?

I always travel with Joe Roper’s Dingtape and end up using it to seal cracks and dings on every trip. It’s one of the most practical and convenient travel supplies for surfers. It weighs next to nothing.

Scientist behind Ding Tape.

Joe Roper grew up ruling the hollow reefs in San Diego before heading to Hawaii in the 1970s, where he proved himself to be one of the best surfers at Pipeline. Joe is respected by everyone in the community and is constantly working to make San Diego a better place. Joe’s son, JoJo Roper, is following in his footsteps, charging giant barrels and earning respect through his hard work and core values.

JoJo Roper

Recommend getting a couple packs to keep in your car and take on your next surf trip. Patch your ding with the tape for a quick fix, get back in the water, then take your board to Joe’s shop to have it buffed out and looking good as new when you’re ready.

Joe Roper on Dingtape

Joe’s daughter, Sara, on the books.

Check out Joe’s website; the cartoon surfer tells us how it is: “Shut up and surf!”

Joe Roper’s Dingtape is the BOMB.

Joe Roper’s Custom Surfboard Repair
1460 Morena Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92110
Phone: (619) 275-0447

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