Riffe Padauk Series Spearguns

Riffe recently came out with a new gun combining my favorite model (Competitor) with an incredibly sturdy and beautiful hardwood from Africa called padauk. Padauk is also known as blood wood.

Padauk is a straight-grain, dense, and dark hardwood. When the gun is shaped out of blood wood there is no need for laminating. The gun barrels stay straight and hold up for a really long time.

Most spearguns are made out of teak, a great wood in the water, but padauk is even better. Plus, it looks beautiful.

Check out the entire line of Riffe’s new Padauk series and find the perfect gun for you. Mine has always been the Competitor 2, so I will probably order that same template in padauk.

Riffe also found a way to keep the price down. The guns range from $250 to $460 depending on size.

Photos: Riffe website

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