3DFins – Josh Kerr Moonrakerr

Haven’t had a chance to try 3DFins new “dimple” Moonrakerr yet, but it looks promising.

The Moonrakerr is designed to give extra speed and drive through reinforced thermo-polymer composite construction.

Apparently computer flow dynamic tests have proven the dimples on the Moonrakerr increase lift/drive significantly, giving a surfer the opportunity to gain more speed.

3DFins is based in Perth, Western Australia. It’s a company that believes in utilizing advanced hydrodynamic and aerodynamic technologies coupled with innovative materials that offer superior performance, but are at the same time environmentally friendly.

Designer and founder Courtney Potter lives and works in Margaret River where he is constantly researching and developing innovative fin designs.

Refreshing to see a new fin company working toward technological advancement. Fin’s are such an important part of a surfboard, new templates and construction can change surfing forever.

Check out 3DFins on Facebookand the rest of their designs at 3DFins.com

Available in both Twin-Tab and Single-Tab base. Quad coming soon.

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