Gravis Jetway Travel Bag

Gravis is known for premium quality bags and luggage. They have a tradition of building products that last and perform year after year.

Recently got my hands on some of Gravis’s new luggage, and am impressed by the continued quality and function of the design and construction.

The Gravis Jetway Rolling Bag is one of my new favorite pieces of luggage. It opens like a book so it’s easy to pack and unpack, has an internal laundry bag for funky items toward the end of the trip, and an easy access exterior pocket for a terminal case.

Gravis Jetway Rolling Bag rolls fluidly with customized travel wheels, has a telescoping handle with comfort grip, and a light weight and strong thermoformed back spine so it’s always composed.

Gravis Jetway Rolling Bag is the perfect size for surf/snow/skate travel, and is one of the best pieces of luggage I’ve ever owned.

Volume 40l / Dimensions – 24.5” x 14.5” x 7.5”

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