Launching La Jolla

It’s been a good couple months in La Jolla. Lifeguarding WindanSea 60 plus hours a week, and spending free-time training superstar surf-grom phenom Tiare Thompson.

My incredible grandmother has been handling a terminal case of cancer. She moved into my parents house from Aspen so we can all hangout everyday. Get to spend every morning drinking coffee with her before work, and see her every evening.

Our small 4 person WindanSea lifeguard crew did a great job saving people from drowning, responding to an abundance of serious medical aids, and keeping the community and visitors safe and happy while enjoying one of San Diego’s most beautiful beaches.

Summer wrapped-up with the big traditional party under the shack, complete with a good band and BBQ. There was great weather and some surf for the event, which kept us busy and smiling.

Now that the lifeguard season is ending, I’m focusing on the NOAA Wave Action Model animation, aka “the crystal ball,” in an attempt to predict where the best weather to big surf ratio is formulating before buying a ticket to score.

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