8C 3MM – Matuse Fullsuit

Winter’s here and Matuse is ready with a brand new design called the 8C. Had the chance to test the 8C prototype throughout last winter – it’s tried and true quality warmth and comfort.

What’s unique about the 8C is that every panel is 3MM, the perfect thickness for dead-of-winter Southern California surf sessions.

Also, the neck is cut high and comes with a pull-over bib, which helps keep flushing down to a minimum and the frosty breeze off your throat.

Highly recommend checking out the 8C to cover your fullsuit needs this winter.

Here’s some more from Matuse on their latest fullsuit –

Average Water Temperature Range:

56°-64° Fahrenheit. 13°-18° Celcius. (This is an average. Adding a hood and booties will increase the range of water temps you can be comfortable in. Some people may find they can go colder or need thicker rubber for the same water temps depending on personal preferences.)

3mm Thickness:

The 8 is an all 3mm wetsuit that is the perfect combination of warmth vs flexibility.


Super-low modulus, max-flex Geoprene that balances the body’s thermostatic line (i.e. you don’t get hot & tired from fighting your suit or cold and bitter from that oil-based neoprene).


HydraSuede, cousin of HydraSilk, is a similarly durable and hydrophobic (i.e., it doesn’t like to absorb water) 4-way stretch nylon. The key difference between HydraSuede and HydraSilk is the “hand” or silky touch.


Human engineered seams enable paddling harmony yet provide a static neck to minimize torque that causes chaffing and flushing.

Oversized Kneepads:

Kneepads that wrap around more allowing for better coverage and increased comfort and durability.


Inspired by Jet-ski suits, this panel is designed to withstand many-a-swell spent straddling. Better yet, the Saddle Seat’s form-active design keeps your undercarriage happy because it won’t ride-up.


Provides lateral movement and lowers resistance (& time spent getting in & out of your ichiban game).


A powerful trio that provides durability, flexibility and cushy softness for your skin.


No more roughness around your collar. So say goodbye to irritating neck chafing.


Located just above the outer left knee. Includes elastic loop cord, mini-pocket and zipper closure. This allows you to get into your car without having to remove the top half of your suit.

Check out more at Matuse.com

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3 Responses to 8C 3MM – Matuse Fullsuit

  1. zack says:

    How would the 8C compare to a back-zip Scipio in terms of warmth, comfort, ease of putting on and off, etc. Any idea which might be better as an all-around fall-winter suit for central California?

    PS. I’d be interested in a comparison with the 3.5/2.5 O’Neill technobutter as well if possible.

    • John Maher says:

      The 8C has a taller neck so it keeps your neck a bit warmer which is most noticeable during your first handful of duck dives and during long lulls with wind. The Scipio is a bit lighter than the 8C due to it’s Geoprene and BlackZero (smoothie) composition with thinner arm and leg panels – 8C is 3mm throughout the entire suit.

      I like both the suits and interchange them, but to get down to it – the 8C may be more durable than the Scipio and is nice if you like a tall neck, but the Scipio is lighter and feels less-restrictive. Each of them provide very similar warmth in equal water temperature.

  2. zack says:

    Thanks a lot!

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