GoPro Hero 3 – Latest & Greatest

I did a ton of field testing for GoPro on their first HD Hero. The new GoPro Hero 3 has just been released and it looks incredible.

If you’d like details and helpful tips about working with GoPro cameras, this link will take you to my thorough tricks review.

Check the video above to see the outstanding quality of the Hero 3, and please consider purchasing through the provided links for the best deals from the manufacturers website.

Buy GoPro HERO Camera at

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One Response to GoPro Hero 3 – Latest & Greatest

  1. Rahotu200 says:

    A great product

    FYI: On Rahotu200 youtube channel I found some practical tests and solutions to reduce and eliminate fogging of a GoPro lens and how tou attach a gopro on a 1.5ft extension pole to the tail of your board to get footage looking forward above any wash.

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