California Men’s Surf Gear Guide

Waterproof Sunscreen Face Sticks – Shiseido, Vertra, Headhunter

Waterproof Face & Body Sunscreen Creams

Nixon Supertide, Luminox Deep Dive Automatic

Electric Polarized Sunglasses

Beats By Dre, Monster Turbine Ear Buds

Bose Portable Cordless Bluetooth Speaker, Skullcandy Vandal

Lifeproof – Waterproof iPhone & iPad Case

Mophie 8hr Juice Pack iPhone 4/4S

New Macbook Pro – Retina Display & Fastest Processor

Case Logic Laptop Case

DaKine Section Wet/Dry Surf/Beach/Camp, Electric Induction Backpack

Volcom Puff Puff, Patagonia Nano Storm, Down Sweater, North Face Denali Jacket

Diesel Jeans

Reef Footwear

Martin LXM Little Travel Guitar

Matuse – Tactical Fullsuit 3/2mm, Tumo 4/3/2mm, 5/4/3mm

Xcel Drylock Booties

Indo Board – Fun Workout/Training

Surfboards from Rusty or your local shaper.

Check out all our recommended goods in the Hungry Walrus Surf Shop.

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