What The Sea Gives Me

Check out the latest project from Misfit Pictures. It’s sure to enlighten, stoke, and influence everyone to appreciate our greatest resource and do what we can to keep it. This documentary is not only for surfers, it’s for everyone. Check the links below to see if you can help.

Here’s the scoop –

Misfit Pictures welcomes all ocean lovers to join us in the creation of our next film WHAT THE SEA GIVES ME, a stunningly beautiful portrayal of the seemingly inexplicable relationship between ourselves and the sea. Our film highlights individuals whose lives and destinies are defined by their connection to the ocean. Whether it be the extremely dangerous researching of Great White sharks, diving to depths never before reached, surfing death-defying mountains of water or humbly feeding your family from the day’s catch – all of us are invisibly linked to the ocean in one form or another. If you are still reading, I guess you know exactly what I am talking about. But here’s a little more.

WHAT THE SEA GIVES ME is a feature length documentary comprised of intimate and candid interviews with some of the ocean’s most extraordinary ambassadors. We will give you an honest and personal look through the eyes of those who thrive under the most extreme water conditions, those ensuring the proper care of the oceans for future generations and those who simply derive a sense of pure joy from the sea.

Proposed interviews include Great White shark researcher Brett McBride, artist Matt Beard, photographer Chris Burkard, bodysurfer Angie Oschmann, conservationist Jean-Michelle Cousteau, free-diver Herbert Nitsch, oceanographer Walter Munk and many others. In addition to riveting personal interviews, we are filming in spectacular above-and-below-the-water locations around the world (South Africa, Greece, Fiji, Australia, Ireland, New England, California, and Hawaii) to display the natural beauty of the oceans.

The goal of WHAT THE SEA GIVES ME is to raise ocean awareness on a global level while reminding the viewer how closely we are all connected to the sea; and, to introduce you to an unique group of people we find absolutely captivating.


Misfit Pictures is an ambitious, tight-knit production company that prides itself in creating beautiful and thought-provoking films. We are still reeling off the international critical acclaim that our debut film MANUFACTURING STOKE has received since it’s world premiere just 15 months ago.


Completed in May, 2011, MANUFACTURING STOKE is an unflinching look into sustainability within the surf industry and has been subject to discourse, debate and praise alike. In just over a year, we have been invited to 20 international film festivals and have screened at another 30 venues worldwide. This success has paved the way for several international distribution deals but more importantly has given us the global connections that ensure the successful production of WHAT THE SEA GIVES ME.

At it’s core, misfit pictures is Petra Kavanagh (Producer), Pierce Michael Kavanagh (Producer/Director) and Geoffrey Smart (Producer/Writer). In addition, we have again enlisted the help of a few of our amazingly talented friends: Chris Prescott (Composer), Sara Iyer (Editor), Max Schmige (Directory of Photography) and Gage Hingeley (Cameraman) *(If I am swimming with white sharks, I want back-up.)

Aside from our own production schedule, we wanted to provide a platform for other independent filmmakers so we also founded the annual SAN DIEGO SURF FILM FESTIVAL in 2012.


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