Cruising Moorea

Decided to hang on Moorea for a while before taking the ferry back to my house on Tahiti. It was nice to kick back, relax, and cruise the sites around the beautiful island.

You can drive around Moorea in an hour, so it’s possible to see most of the main attractions in one busy day, but more enjoyable to stretch it out over a few.

It’s peaceful stand-up paddling in the lagoon in the evening after the wind decreases. You get great views of the back-lit mountains as the sun sets. When it get’s windy mid-day, I grab a stand-up paddle board and ride 15 Kilometers up the coast. Down-wind distance paddling is much more fun than I expected.


These photos were taken at a private motu (little island).

I went on a steep hike up one of the small mountains in the noon-day sun. Was great to get a bird eye view of the navigation channels in the reef.

I also paddled out to a popular shark feeding area and swam with dozens of reef sharks and giant rays.

Outrigger paddling is Tahiti’s national sport, so it’s taken seriously and respected by everyone.

Had a great time licking my wounds from Temea on Moorea, and looking forward to getting some more waves at Teahupoo soon.

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