Billabong V1 – Mustang Survival

With inspiration and insight from Shane Dorian, Billabong and Mustang Survival came together to produce the first inflatable big wave surfing wetsuit.

The first prototype of the suit was produced two years ago and various models have been tested by various elite big wave surfers with incredible feedback on a regular basis since.

The first big north swell of the season hit last week and the latest prototypes were scattered throughout the lineup at Jaws. A handful were used in assisting guys surface from violent wipeouts.

V1 is loaded with a compressed air cylinder and baldder that inflates with the pull of a ripcord.

Not sure when the suits will be available to the public (maybe they already are and I don’t know about it), but I would love to get one before the next monster swell. Shane, hook a brother up!

Check out more on the V1 at

Photos courtesy Billabong

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