RIP Glen Dougherty

My friend Glen Dougherty was a former Navy SEAL who died last month when the US consulate in Libya was attacked by Islamic militants. The attack killed 3 other Americans.

Glen and I became friends a couple years ago while working together on Tavarua Island, Fiji. He was the island medic, and I was one of the boatman. We had many awesome mutual friends as well.

When Glen wasn’t serving our country in Afghanistan, or helping Fijians and injured surfers in Fiji, he was surfing in front of his house in San Diego.

Was lucky enough to surf epic empty Cloudbreak with Glen. He said it was one of the best sessions of his life, and was radiating so much happiness that stoked out everyone around him during the entire trip. We got along really well and were comfortable discussing heavy issues. Some of the photos he shared with me were so gnarly. Glen was a radical person.

Glen was honored last weekend in Encinitas. Hundreds of friends paddled out to remember how legendary he was.

Thank you for everything you have done for everyone glen, you will always be a hero and a legend. RIP.

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