Mike Stewart Viper Swimfins

Mike Stewart Viper Swimfins are hybrid, modeled after the heavier original viper.

Designed and worn by 9 time world bodybord champ, Mike Stewart Viper Swimfins construction and function have been tested by some of the best watermen in heavy surf with great results.


– 100% Natural Rubber, so they float and you can easily spot them if lost.
– Wider shorter blade for added acceleration.
– Mike Stewart delta blade, improves control and reduces drag.
– Drainage Holes for grit and sand.
– Bevel Side Rails for added control.
– Rivet Grip Traction Bottom for grip on slippery rocks, yet wont snag onto coral or sharp objects.

I use yellow dots for bodysurfing and lifeguarding, but if you like less resistance in the kick, you may prefer to use the new orange dot.

New Mike Stewart Viper Orange Dot Swimfins are a great feeling softer fin.

Yellow dots are built stiff to maximize acceleration but may have heavy resistance for those new to using swimfins. If you like a softer, more flexible fin, orange dots are a great option.

The high rubber quality in Mike Stewart Viper Orange Dot Swimfins provide for a much easier and springier kick in both the down-stroke and the up-stroke. Softer rubber equals a faster kick with less power.

I suggest Mike Stewart Viper Orange Dot Swimfins for new users and the smaller sizes (s, xs).

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