Waxhead – Box, Comb, Scraper

Was given a soapbox to keep bars of wax out of the sand when I was a little kid. Now I use a Waxhead patented custom box which comes with specialized comb and scraper combo.

The Wax Box safely stores bars, sealing them from sand, grit and dirt. Also, wax is contained if it melts. Wax Box and comb are each designed to be easily washed clean in hot water.

Waxhead Wax Knives produce incisive score lines in the wax, allowing fresh wax to appear. The knife-like precision of wax scoring avoids wax balling, ripping, and dragging-off wax. They’re able to produce a tight cross-hatched pattern for maximum grip.

You can get Waxhead products through Del Mar Surf Distribution in San Diego, or Waxhead.net

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3 Responses to Waxhead – Box, Comb, Scraper

  1. Reg Paten says:

    My wax melted in side the box and i cant get it out, what a pain in the arse!

  2. Waxhead says:

    “Fantastic” it melted in your Waxhead Wax Box.
    Your wax would have melted on it’s own, What a mess and a clean up.
    You can now reuse your wax, Easy remove it by running warm tap water
    over the wax box.
    Remember all waxes melt in hot conditions.

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