LXM Little Martin Travel Guitar

The LXM Little Martin is an ideal acoustic travel guitar for those looking for quality construction and sound.

Martin Guitars have been established since 1833, and along with Gibson and Taylor, have a reputation of being one of the best large quantity guitar manufacturers in the world.

Activities other than surfing and diving are limited at swell and weather dependent destinations, which is why I always bring either a ukulele or my Little Martin, and some good books to get into during the ample downtime.

Been traveling with a Little Martin for seven years and still love it. Thrashed it pretty hard on the road, and it’s quality craftsmanship has held up great. The sound has gotten even better with time, which is something guitars made from quality hardwood are known for. Not sure if it’s a coincidence or if I linked the two together, but after I started recommending these guitars, Martin started running ad’s and getting slotted in Surfer and Surfing Magazines Gear Guides.

The Little Martin puts out big sound and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good travel companion.

Martin makes a few other great travel guitars other than the LXM. Check out the options below, and consider purchasing your Little Martin travel guitar through our Amazon links so you get the best discount and free padded travel gig-bag to protect it on the road.

The Koa laminate on the LXM KOA is beautiful.

The LXM Black is a beauty.

Martin LXM is the original and the guitar I use most.

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