New Jordy Smith Futures Fins

Good fins in a surfboard is an equivalent to having good tires on a race car. They improve performance, speed, and control. These new Jordy Smith Signature Fins look awesome.

This new fin template is a result of Jordy’s in-depth knowledge of his equipment and ability to translate a feeling in the water into a fin description for the engineers to work from. Featuring a wider base and thinner tip, the template provides powerful drive and quick release.

Jordy Smith Signature Fins works great in all surf conditions and are best suited for bigger surfers.

I haven’t used the new Jordy fin yet, but judging from the video they seem to work pretty good. The template has an outline similar to the FCS AM2 fins (Jordy’s are a bit bigger though), which are some of my favorites when I’m using a board with twin-tab inserts.

Dems –

Height: 4.73 in, 12.01 cm
Base: 4.77 in, 12.12 cm
Area: 16.11 sq in, 103.94 sq cm

Material – RTM (Resin Transfer Molded)

Have Jordy Smith Signature Fins delivered to your doorstep for the best price available through our Amazon links. Go fast and have fun!

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3 Responses to New Jordy Smith Futures Fins

  1. Stevie says:

    There is no such thing as the FCS AM 1. The AM1 is a Futures Fin.

  2. Future Fins says:

    Jordy has been killing it this year. I’m sure his fins have something to do with it :)

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