ReSurf – Stoked With A Purpose

ReSurf was founded with the ambitious goal of collecting old discarded surfboards and salvaging them for donation to underprivileged children around the world. To date, they have collected 50 surfboards, which will ship to Israel for the inaugural project in March 2013.

In collaboration with local orphanages, ReSurf will teach these children how to catch waves, using surfing as a vehicle to create positive change. With the help of renowned surf film makers, Misfit Pictures from San Diego, they will document the entire experience to share with the world. Spreading the positive message will enable ReSurf to expand the project and pay it forward to underprivileged children in a new destination each year.

Hopefully, ReSurf will not only bring joy to these children, but inspire them to pay it foward in their own way.

Please click here to check out the full ReSurf project with photos and more.

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