Indo Board

The Indo Board offers a fun and formidable workout that develops balance, coordination and strength while enhancing core fitness. The large, oval, wood platform can be used alone or with the other balance elements to vary the challenge.

Indo Board gives all users the chance to succeed and progress at their own level. Start with the Indo Board alone, progress onto the inflatable IndoFLO Cushion, and finally the high-impact plastic IndoRoller.

Put one behind your desk, in your room, or anywhere you want to have a low-impact, fun and challenging workout.

Each package includes one 30″L x 18″W deck which is textured for a sure grip, one 14″ diameter IndoFLO Cushion and one 18”L x 6.5” diameter IndoFLO Roller.

There are many Indo Board color options to chose from, and you save close to 40% off retail price by going through provided Amazon links.

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