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The Big Cat has a mid to late 80′s vibe and is designed for surfers who want a board that has plenty of volume to catch waves, but won’t compromise versatility. The Big Cat’s firmer/fuller rail helps with reaction time. It rides kind of like a bigger shortboard.

Surfers who still charge and shred but could use a little extra length and volume really like the Big Cat. Surfers transitioning to shorter boards as they improve also like the Big Cat.

Motorcycles have Enduro models, surfing has the Big Cat.


The nose is approximately 1 1/2″ to 1 3/4″ narrower than the tail and the wide point is close to the middle. The dimensions range from 6’6″ to 8’6″, but most of the demand seems to be between 7’0″ to 7’6″.

Popular Dimensions:
7’0” 21.25 2.75 46.0 L
7’2” 21.50 2.81 48.0 L
7’4” 21.75 2.87 50.5 L
7’6” 22.00 3.00 53.5 L
7’8” 22.25 3.06 57.0 L
7’10” 22.50 3.12 60.5 L
8’0” 22.75 3.18 64.0 L

Wave Size: 2-8′

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: EPS for more floatation or PU for the feel you grew up on.

Fins: Thruster or Quad so you have a choice for more pivot with three fins, or drive with four fins.

Tail: Double Wing Swallow keeps it loose.

Call Rusty Surfboards in San Diego to order a Big Cat or one of their other designs 858-578-0414

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  1. James Hall says:

    I live in Wellington New Zealand, how can i buy a 7 10″ Rusty Bigcat. I don’t mind paying shipping costs.
    Thank you
    James Hall

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