Caught Inside – Lauren Benton Angulo

Caught Inside was written by surfer Lauren Angulo, whose awesome family lives on Kauai.  Met the Angulo’s for the first time on Tavarua island, Fiji, where we had a chance to share some awesome experiences in and out of the water.  It’s really cool when everyone in family get’s to surf together.  A couple days ago Lauren’s son, Lucas, did three mental rail turns on a wave while I was paddling out that got me so psyched! That morning I watched Lauren paddle through some heavy waves and serious current to surf a solid swell at a reef that breaks 1/4 mile off-shore.

Looking forward to reading the book. Check it out –

Caught Inside is a compelling coming-of-age story that explores the interwoven fates of a young competitive surfer clinging to life following a fluke accident, and the cynical, older ex-pro surfer who reluctantly rescues him.

Other than residing on a magnificently beautiful island with epic waves, the two main characters have little in common beyond their freak ocean encounter. When the story moves to Kaimana’s room in the ICU, Kekoa finds himself mysteriously drawn to the young surfer’s bedside, sneaking past nurses and doctors to gain access. At the hospital, Kekoa talks story with the unresponsive Kai, sharing surfing experiences that shaped his life. As Kai’s awareness of the stranger’s presence intensifies, he recalls his own turning points, all while slipping deeper into unconsciousness.

With Kai’s health deteriorating, Kekoa begins to see through his lingering depression, and when Kai’s doctors make an astonishing revelation to Kekoa, he realizes he urgently needs to do whatever possible to try to guide Kai back to a conscious state. Can Kekoa save Kai’s life a second time? Will two lives be revived trying to save one?

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