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If you follow my blog regularly, you may have read an editorial I wrote for a few weeks ago called Surfing As A Business. In the post I point out concerning environmental issues caused by unsound industry standards.

Carve is working to change the standard through positive and promising methods –

This is a really cool project that you can become an influential part of. Check out the video, and visit Carve Industries through the link provided at the end of this post to make a difference.

Since 2006, Carve Industries has been designing, testing, and building wooden boards with the soul surfer in mind. Surfing is an intimate adventure with nature and we believe that a surfer’s equipment should reflect that synergy; by hand building wooden surfboards that will last decades, Carve provides surfers with a responsible and intelligent alternative to the industry-standard board.

Traditionally, Carve has built custom boards, paddles, and skateboards one at a time. Seeing the need for non-disposable, “build it like they used to” goods, we are taking part in a global shift already in motion for better products for a smarter tomorrow. But in a world of 17 million surfers, building 30 boards a year, though noble, isn’t going to cut it. We need to take our operation to a level of efficiency that would reach a broader audience with more affordable and sustainable products. In order to do this, we must begin purchasing resources such as our wood and adhesives in bulk and add new tools and machinery for greater efficacy in material use and time. Our long hours, hard work, and personal finances have gotten Carve where it is today, but in order to make the shift to a global market, our growth depends on more than just us; this is where we need your help, Kickstarter.

How It’s Going to Work –

We just made the move out of our humble board shack and into a new 2,000 sqft shop, so we’ve made the first big leap toward increasing our production. But in order to keep the momentum, with your help, we will begin by purchasing additional machinery and ordering our materials in large volumes. By purchasing in bulk, we will reduce shipping costs and transportation footprint as well as have the ability to execute larger production runs. The additional machinery and tools, which would include a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) system, will not only allow components for our boards to be made 80% faster but also reduce wood waste by a third. The automation of component construction will not alter the “hands on” aspect of our boards, so our custom attributes are maintained while improving our quality control and increasing the tolerances of our designs.

Ultimately, with your help, these changes will allow Carve Industries to achieve its goal.

Learn more and become a Carve Kickstarter through this link.

Click the green “back this project” button on the upper right side of the Carve Kickstarter site to become a part of the solution. It’s a personal experience that you gain both immediate and long term rewards from. The crew has raised 1/3 of the donations they need, and it’s been 1/3 the time… going to be tight, but with your help it can be done!

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