Ema’s Ceremony

As you may have read in a post I wrote earlier this week, the reason for my short visit to La Jolla was to be with family and friends. Went to share love and support after the passing of my incredible grandmother, Ema.

Arrived just in time for my mom’s birthday, and flew back to Kauai nine days later, shortly after the beautiful ceremony. It was a really special time for my family.

The ceremony took place at WindanSea beach, which is where most of my family and friends grew up and still live today. Ema was fortunate enough to spend the months preceding her death relaxing in the sand down there.

The ceremony was emotional but also full of laughs. Thirty or so of Ema’s close friends and family attended. My father read her eulogy, Uncle Clark recited a powerful piece he wrote about what a great mother she was to him, and grandmother she was to his children. My mom, who cared for her every minute until her death, also shared some wonderful words about what an influential and strong person she was.

The ceremony concluded with Clark and I paddling her ashes out. We sent some free in the wind. The rest of her ashes were sealed into a small earthen ceramic urn my mother made. Clark and I swam it to the bottom and placed it in a special part of the reef. Ema is now part of the reef at WindanSea, where she will flow with the swell and tide.

Over the past week since she passed, we have all reveled in her strength and dignity. Thank you for everything you have done for everyone Ema, we love you.

My parents will spread the remainder of her ashes in Africa and Aspen, where Ema had many friends and memories.

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