Urban Surf 4 Kids

Urban Surf 4 Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on providing water-based events for foster children and orphan youth, while also empowering them to support their local community through volunteering for a local charity or cause.

Mission –

“Most of these kids (foster/orphans) are used to being the community project instead of working on a community project. At Urban Surf 4 Kids, our goal for every orphan and foster child is to remove the ‘underprivileged’ label and replace it with the ‘empowered’ label. With the right resources and volunteers, we can do it!”

Company Overview –

“I think there is an assumption in the United States that our system provides for and takes care of foster kids. What I have found is that children who are raised without parents and spend time bouncing between homes are in desperate need of healthy outlets. And this is where an organization like Urban Surf 4 Kids fits into the picture.”

~ Wes Stewart, Founder

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