Olloclip iPhone Lens Kit

Olloclip Quick is a radical little 3 in 1 lens accessory for iPhone 4 and 4S. Just got one for Christmas and have been having a blast using it to capture new images.

Olloclip Quick is light, and slips on and off your phone in a second. The Macro, Wide-Angle, and Fish-Eye lens options give you limitless creative possibilities. Macro is great for magnifying details as small as your fingerprints, Wide-Angle is great for shooting panoramic images, and the Fish-Eye is ideal for capturing everything in a close-up frame.

iPhone photos taken with an Olloclip Quick are scaled to easily upload into all the popular networking websites as well. Lot’s of the photos used on Hungry Walrus and on my Instagram (hungrywalrus_) will now be shot using the Olloclip.

Get an Olloclip Quick delivered to your mailbox for the best deals available through our Amazon links. (Olloclip also comes with an adapter to fit a narrower iPod).

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