The Adventures of Enu: The Tale of the Giant Whale

Sebastian and I have been friends since we were little kids, and have grown to become seasoned lifeguards and professional surfers (he’s a pro bodyboarder), with drive for exploration, travel, and love of the outdoors. We even created a surf/yoga travel company together. Sebastian and I also have positive and creative writing outlets. I started Hungry Walrus, and he has begun writing books.

Sebastian recently published his first book titled The Adventures of Enu: The Tale of the Giant Whale.

Created in collaboration with Blaze Syka, who designed the vibrant pen-and-ink illustrations, the work is a modern-day fable. Combining poetic language with a simple story line, the book tells of a young boy’s adventure as he meets Enu, a shape changer, who appears in several forms from a hummingbird to a whale, and how he teaches the boy that everything in nature is connected.

The book has an appeal to readers of all ages and teaches others to “live in the moment.”

The idea for the book’s message percolated in his imagination for many years. It is based on a story that was told to him by his father who passed away, under tragic circumstances, when Slovin was 6 years old.

His father was also the inspiration for the main character in the book. “A lot of my really good memories of my dad are being out on the ocean or in nature with him.”

Really stoked for Sebastian and love his first book. Please check out The Adventures of Enu: The Tale of the Giant Whale through links provided. Enjoy living in the moment and reading it with your family.

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