New Crossen Surf Hat

There is a new water-sports cap on the market called the Crossen Surf Hat. It looks like a great waterproof lid.


• Sun protect your eyes and head = surf longer/better
• Surf, SUP, Kite, Kayak, Paddle
• Semi-rigid brim – not super-stiff
• Stays on duck-diving/large-surf/wind
• Compresses easily – stashes in pocket
• Low profile center-release buckles
• Lightweight, quick-drying, nylon
• Non-chaffing nylon webbing straps
• Chin straps hide away
• One-size
• Hi-vis colors to chose from
• Wave-tested around the globe

Now available online at

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2 Responses to New Crossen Surf Hat

  1. Sarah says:

    This looks like a great hat, except for a few concerns:
    1) The bill is still going to be an issue with this hat – if it’s flexible enough, then you should be able flip it up out of your way so you can see when you’re paddling, but what happens when you duck-dive? Or even worse, when you’re plowing out through major surf to reach the lineup – any flexible bill will end up covering your eyes as you’re scrambling…unless the bill can be lock in a flipped up position.

    2) The post didn’t indicate this has any sun protection rating – so is this standard nylon fabric (which has a UPF rating below 15)? For sun protection, a minimum UPF rating of 30 is suggested by all the cancer groups.

    3) Last note, and this is just from looking at the hat, and having owned way too many hats over the years – the crown on this looks pretty deep. My friends and I have found that too many hats these days are deep, and this causes the bill to ride really low on the forehead, adding just another visibility issue.

    Sorry, I don’t mean to be so down on this – like I say, I’ve owned way too many hats over the years that weren’t made for surfing in waves. Many work great for really small surf or if you’re a SUP rider just paddling around. But the moment you’re in a situation where you’re in waves, that’s where it all falls apart and you end up shopping for yet another solution. I’ve done a lot of searching and wasted a lot of money over the years, and the only hat I’ve found that supports surfing, is the hat from the guys at Surf Munkey ( I own a couple of these – they work well and I like to switch up the colors.

    • John Maher says:

      Hi Sarah, your input is appreciated.

      This post is not a testimonial, I’ve never used the hat, so I can’t answer any of your questions, but sure Crossen will be able to help you out (contact link on their website).

      This write-up is rather a “check out this new product” post, published to let waterproof-hat enthusiast know there is new lid option now available to them on the market. I personally thought it looked pretty comfortable and functional (especially to the growing SUP community), but like I said, I’ve never used it so I can’t confirm that.

      I checked out the link you provided, and the Surf Monkey hat looks like good option for those who like to flip the bill. Thanks for bringing the product to our attention. As I’m sure you already know, DaKine, Headhunter, Rusty, Billabong, O’Neill, Quiksilver, and many other surf companies have produced waterproof hats for over a decade. Many of them I have tried and like, such as Headhunter and DaKine.

      Thank you so much for your interest, input, and letting us know about another product designed to stoke out water-people!

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