Hawaiian Sea Turtles – Underwater Photography

Spent Superbowl Sunday swimming with sea turtles. Was great having the beach and dive zone to myself. Along with the turtles, there was a variety of inquisitive reef and game fish.

Today was the first time I’ve used my Canon T1i in the Del Mar Housing to shoot subjects underwater. I set my camera settings on fixed manual focus 2 feet at 5.6 aperture, iso 200, and 1/1000 shutter speed.

Stoked on the clarity of the images, but have the feeling the turtles eyes would show better, and radiant beams would pierce the surface if the sun were out. It might also help if my camera settings were configured to shoot lighter.

I’d like to raise my iso to 400 to lighten the images, but with my low-end EOS camera, the shots will most likely come out with undesired grain when the ISO is raised.

Some of the images were very monotone. I added contrast, and turned a couple black and white to stamp the turtle. Direct sunlight will probably create clearer and more artistic photos.

Having a great time learning water photography and looking forward to getting better.

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2 Responses to Hawaiian Sea Turtles – Underwater Photography

  1. Will Sooter says:

    Awesome UW photos John!!!
    I am looking forward to seeing more from your UW ventures.
    Much Aloha,
    Cheers, Will

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