Matuse Lorica Compression Vest

The Lorica is a compression vest for big-wave paddle surfing.

Matt (head product designer at Matuse wetsuits) and I talked about coming up with a design that allows for complete mobility while at the same time having enough buoyancy to help me get to the surface during life-threatening hold-downs.

This vest is not on the market because the team and I need to do some additional testing. Going to take it through some more serious beatdowns before we have adequate feedback for Matuse to make a production model.

Compression vests are not designed for surfers to throw caution to the wind and paddle into waves that we otherwise wouldn’t. We can never depend on a material good enough to save our lives and should always prepare for the worst when surfing big waves.

I don’t surf big waves unless I am confident in my health and mental state before each session.

So far the vest has worked really well. Keep you posted on the Lorica and the latest in big-wave paddle wetsuit designs from Matuse as they come to life.

Video: Chief product designer Matt Larson breaks down the Lorica.

Photo: John Maher in Hawaii, by Hank




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6 Responses to Matuse Lorica Compression Vest

  1. alexander delmas says:

    I live on the north shore and was wondering if i can be a tester? I was doing research on vests and i didn’t like the few i saw. i like how the foam is in front and i like that its all black and not all flashy like the billabong ones. anyway just wondering???

  2. johnny johnson says:

    would like to order big wave surfing vest .how?808-346-5372 Kauai.mahalo

    • John Maher says:

      Hi thanks for checking out the site, the vest works insane.. not sure if they are in production right now but the best way to find out would be to contact them through and someone should get back to you. If they are not making vests, check out Patagonia. Thanks and hope you score some bombs!

  3. Hi
    I’d like to know if I can do the purchase of this paddle life vest living in Brazil? Do you have the idea about the price to send me two of this??

  4. Peter Hurst says:

    Hi John,

    Just wondering if there was ever a “riding up” problem with the Matuse Lorica Vest. Did the vesty maintain its position on the body during a big wipeout.

    Best regards

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