Watershot Housing For iPhone

Some of the best water photographers in the world have been experimenting with waterproof cases for their iPhone’s. Watershot is proving to be the most reliable, durable, and all around highest quality housing on the market.

Zak Noyle took this photo yesterday with his Watershot.

Watershot introduces the purpose-built underwater camera housing for the iPhone – designed and developed for the extreme abuses of water sports.

This is no basic case, the Watershot Housing for iPhone is a multi-feature solution specifically made to optimize photo and video capabilities for those who have traded their digital cameras for the simplicity of their smart phone.

The unit comes complete with a glass lens port and black rubberized baffle for optical image clarity, lens bezel for accessory lenses and filters and a smart yet simple mounting system consisting of an integrated, robust tripod mount with available Pro Mount adapter to utilize endless GoPro® mounting options. Able to withstand 40 meters of depth (130 feet), the iPhone is fully suspended within the housing ensuring the phone and screen are effectively shielded from wear, tear, shock and pressure. Download the free Watershot App, available at the App Store and on iTunes, designed to maximize camera functions from the basics to rapid fire, front and back camera use, GPS overlays and social media sharing while the phone is locked safely in the housing.

Compatible with iPhone 4 & 4S | iPhone 5 housing available December 2012
Depth Rating: 40 meters / 130 feet
Custom app and buttons to optimize still & video camera functions & upload to social media (available at the App Store)
Integrated universal tripod mount
Lens bezel for external filters and lenses
One Year Warranty

Comes With
Injection molded polycarbonate housing
Adjustable lanyard
Free App (available at the App Store or on iTunes)
Lens Desiccant

There are rumors that Watershot (an established company that builds some of the best professional DSLR camera water housings in the world), is in the process of adding new features to their iPhone housings – so users can add lenses and polarization.

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