DaKine Cyclone Waterproof Pack

The Dakine Cyclone Roll Top Pack is durable, practical, and will keep all of your treasured goods completely dry. Whether it’s raining like crazy or you’re swimming through deep water, the Cyclone has you covered.

What’s cool and unique about the Cyclone, and what separates it from the rest of the waterproof bags out there, is that the back and shoulder straps are padded for comfort and support and there is a small external waterproof compartment that is great for stashing little items that you want to access easily.

The poly-webbing on the sides of the pack is great for attaching fins, phones, small bags, trash, and camping supplies. If you get creative and interlace some straps through the poly-webbing, the carrying capacity is great. It would easily hold a sleeping bag and tent.

The other boatmen and I use these bags while lifeguarding and guiding the surf boats for Tavarua Island, Fiji. We put the bags to the test on a daily basis. After we park boats on offshore mooring buoys, we swim to shore with our Cyclone bags, keeping all of our supplies completely dry.

Only warning I have for consumers buying any manufactures waterproof bag is that camera equipment and other electronics may become foggy or overheat when the bag is sealed for long durations in the sunlight. This is due to a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the pack.

Photos: My friend Rodger is a San Diego lifeguard and professional surfer who uses the Cyclone while working at Windansea beach in La Jolla. This is last year’s model. The only thing that changed was the exterior compartment (see top photo).

I highly recommend the Dakine Cyclone to anyone interested in a comfortable, durable, and practical waterproof backpack.

If your interested in buying the latest and greatest Dakine Cyclone Roll Top Pack, please consider doing so through the affiliated Amazon.com links provided here. You’ll pay the same or even less, and I’ll get a small commission to help feed the Hungry Walrus!

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6 Responses to DaKine Cyclone Waterproof Pack

  1. I am looking for a waterproof pack that has a laptop compartment so that I can carry my laptop even when going outdoors. Hope they have it because I sure love the brand and its quality.

  2. Kurt Houston says:

    Looks like a good quality bag. How much is it?

    • John Maher says:

      Hi Kurt, if you click the Amazon link in the post it will show you the price on line and also present more options and similar bag types. Thanks for using the site,
      John Maher

  3. Richard says:

    I love your blog;thank you very much for the wonderful advice.

  4. i like your bags pictures….. its a really good and protect from water,dust…… how much it………

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