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Rusty’s new hi-performance shortboard designed to shred small waves is called the 4F. The wide round-tail is great for linking turns together in one continuous flow, designed to help prevent any need to hop for speed in-between maneuvers.

I’ve been ordering and riding boards with the same wide dimensions, rocker template, and deep single concave as the 4F for years, and am so stoked it’s recently been named and produced as it’s own Rusty model.

What’s great about the 4F is that it’s a really versatile surfboard. Although it works best in head-high surf, it rides great in little waves as well as solid hollow surf. It’s the ideal hi-performance shortboard to use during the Southern California summer, and because of it’s versatility, is perfect for surf travel.

I recommend ordering a 4F with fin-boxes and using the FCS K Fin (Kelly Slater template), or the Futures WCT fin (Futures copy of the FCS K Fin). Go with honeycomb if you ride mostly small waves, and fiberglass fins if you wait until it’s head-high to paddle out. The stocky K Fin outline is a great complement to the 4F.

Check out the 4F at Rusty Online or give the Rusty surfboard factory in San Diego a call at 858 – 578 – 0414.

Popular 4F Dimensions:

Photo: John Maher riding a 4F template at Restaurants, Tavarua, Fiji, taken by Tom Carey.

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  1. Chris Medina says:

    I love my 4F in anything waist to a foot overhead. bad waves or good the board keeps way more speed than any other shortboard i have. the wave could be giving very little push and the boards still cranking out turns! my new favorite model from Rusty for sure!

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