Hydrating Recovery Cream – Headhunter

Found out about Headhunter Hydrating Recovery Cream during a friends wedding on Tavarua Island, Fiji.  It was given to all the guests the first day they got to the island, which was a great idea, because after surfing and celebrating in the hot equatorial sun everyday preceding the wedding, the Recovery Cream was put to good use.  Even the most sunburnt guests looked good for the big day.

Although specified for the soft skin of a woman, Headhunter Recovery Cream is great for everyone.  It’s soothing and replenishing attributes help heal dry and damaged skin from overexposure to the sun, salt, and wind.

Mint, vitamins, and herbal extracts are used in the soothing formula.  It’s also a great product for anyone looking for nourishment, even if not needed specifically for damaged skin.

Headhunter products are created by Tavarua Boatman who work with doctors to create “bulletproof” skin protection products.  All formulas are put to the test by surfers and sun worshipers, in the most demanding sun drenched regions on the planet, ensuring Headhunter skincare products are some of the best available.

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