Cressi Sub Big Eyes

Cressi Sub Big Eyes Evo Mask lenses are raked and shaped like an “inverted teardrop.” This unusual design is covered by a worldwide patent and gives divers a 30 percent wider view over traditional masks.

The anatomically shaped frame is very slim and can’t be seen by the diver when the mask is worn. Cressi Sub also applied a popular freediving mask concept to the Big Eyes and brought the lenses close to the face to create better visibility.

The soft silicone skirt and the broad silicone seal make the mask very comfortable. Two revolving buckles guarantee quick and precise strap adjustment.

Cressi Sub Big Eyes Evo Mask are excellent for snorkeling, spearfishing, and SCUBA diving.

Technical features:

Type: two-lens mask
Versions: clear silicone, black silicone
Materials: liquid silicone, hi-tech polymers
Strap buckles: revolving, instant adjustment
Internal volume: low
Dimensions of frame: 163 x 89 mm
Weight: 200 g

Cressi Sub Big Eyes are made in Italy.

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